What does it do?

The drawing up of the proposal is fully assisted to drive the coordinator up to the proposal submission. Special features are designed to build the consortium, to set-up the project architecture and to define and re-allocate the budget. Any last minute modification can be easily implemented and managed.

RIA, IA, CSA, SME instruments proposals templates are included.

The whole project structure, in terms of Work Packages, Tasks, Deliverables and Milestones, is fully managed by the platform. The consortium data, mailing lists and documents are archived and always available in the last updated version. The scheduling of the Project is easily handled and kept on track by automatic reminders intelligently produced from the Gannt Chart and partners submitted activities. Pop-up windows track the history of changes for each data.

Each Partner has protected access only to their own Costs and Efforts tables. Partners are assisted step by step in their declarations and are periodically reminded to insert their own progress data. The Coordinator checks and approves or rejects all data inserted by Partners, being assisted by warning alerts in case of data inconsistency. The related tables and charts are automatically generated, and can be sorted by partner, activity, WP etc.

Based on the project scheduling, the list of requested reports, H2020 compliant, is automatically provided for each reporting period. Reports are generated automatically based on project status and accounting data, and can be easily edited and modified by the Coordinator. Additional graphical charts can be produced and integrated to increase quality of reports.

The Project web-site can be easily created, customized and managed by the Project Coordinator. A basic starting web site, tailored for Research projects, is provided together with all hints and features to modify it. Several public and private areas with different access levels can be created where documents, notifications and news are constantly available.