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Proposal writing

RIA, IA, CSA actions and SME Instrument proposals are supported. WPs and Tasks contents, budget in terms of costs and efforts, Gantt Chart and the like are entered into the platform and automatically incorporated into the proposal template. Easy management of last minute modifications.

General project data

Clear project overview with project name, duration, reference call, funding scheme, number of contract, scheduled deadlines.

Consortium data

Partner description, project roles, reference personnel with details, partner’s documents can be accessed in one place.

Project structure

WP and Tasks tree with detailed duration, type of activity, leader, contents and budget efforts for each organization are defined. Milestones and Deliverables linked to the WP and detailed in terms of duration, leadership, content nature and dissemination.

Gantt chart

Automatic generation of a Gantt chart and updates based on partner’s declared data.

Efforts management

Efforts are defined for each Partner, for each Task and for each reporting period. Any Partner receives automatic reminders to insert its own Efforts into the open cells. The Coordinator checks the data and freezes them. Automatic alert in case of exceeded budget. Pop-up boxes keep track of data insertion or modification.

Costs management

Costs are detailed for each company according to the H2020 Financial Guideline rules. Each Partner can see its own budget and insert its own costs into any reporting period. The Coordinator checks the data and freezes them. Automatic alert in case of exceeded budget. Pop-up boxes to keep track of data insertion or modification.

Third Parties management

Third parties can be included and they are managed according to H2020 specifications.

Partner payment

According to Form C. Management of EC contribution and distribution to partners.

Report Generation

Automatic generations of editable H2020 reports in MS Office format: Bar Chart Report, Management Report Document, Manpower and Progress Follow-up Table, Person Month Progress Status Report, Summary Financial Report, Periodic Report and many useful charts of costs and efforts status.

Mailing List

Automatic creation of mailing groups for different levels of communications: events, reminders, document upgrades, advices on deadlines. A statistical report on the read/answered messages is provided.

Deadline Management

Automatic reminders to the coordinator and partners based on Project scheduling.

Project Web-site

Creation and management of the Project Web-site, starting from a pre-defined and customized template. The Web-site structure can be tailored according to the Project features and several public or private areas can be created to share the documents.

Help online

Coordinator and Partners are assisted by the online help, describing all features.


A guide assisting partners on efforts and costs declaration is provided.

Safe, simultaneous and certified accesses

Coordinators and Partners can easily access 24 hours a day and from any device. Each partner has its own personalized and protected access.

Data safety and privacy

The daily back-up of the whole database (kept for 7 days) guarantees data Safety. Data are protected by HTTPS communication protocol.