What is Eucoord2020?

EUCoord2020 is a web based platform designed for a simple and efficient management of H2020 Research Projects.

It has been developed based on EnginSoft’s 10+ years of experiences in fostering and coordinating European and National Projects.

EUCoord2020 has been created to give a strong and effective support to the Coordinator and to simplify Partner operations, assuring a tremendous saving in time and minimizing mistakes.

It’s particularly useful for the handling of activities to be scheduled and for the tracking of deadlines, thanks to the automatic alerts and reminders, with the addition of Gantt charts generation and continuous updates.

Consortium details, The platform also collects accounting data and assists partners with the costs and efforts data insertion. The coordinator just has to check and validate Partners’ data.

In addition, EUCoord2020 can automatically generate a wide range of reports and charts in compliance with H2020 requirements.

Finally, it enables the Coordinator to easily create, personalize and manage the project web-site.


  • The Project Data are available 24 hours a day, via web, from any platform;
  • The Project and Financial Management work becomes easier and faster;
  • Partners are guided step by step to fulfill their administrative duties;
  • Any operation reflects the H2020 Project guidelines and rules and thus drastically reduces the risk of mistakes.

EUCOORD2020 can be included in the project proposal; its cost is eligible and can be covered by the Project budget.